Copenhagen SEO Meetup Oct. 2019

Copenhagen SEO Meetup October 2019 Event Audience

This was our first event to learn a lot about SEO and strengthen the Copenhagen SEO community! ?


17:00 – Doors open
17:20 – Welcome + round of introductions
17:30 – 1st presentation: “Deciding on keyword difficulty” by Matthias Kupperschmidt
18:00 – 2nd presentation: “PR outreach linkbuilding” by Anders Rosenqvist
18:20 – Discussion on topics brought up by anyone attending
18:40 – Community time (= time to grab a beer/soda)
19-ish – Time to say “Tak for i dag”

Deciding on Keyword Difficulty

In the presentation “Deciding on Keyword Difficulty”, Matthias Kupperschmidt explained the evolution different techniques as well as the theoretical foundation of how the task should be accomplished.

The slides can be found here.

PR Outreach Linkbuilding

Anders Rosenqvist followed up talking about different outreach scenarious and gave examples of real backlinks from high authority Danish publications.